Tips for Microscope Maintenance – Part 2

Tips for Microscope Maintenance – Part 2

Your teachers and students may have many issues while working with microscopes. These tips will help you assist them in addressing the issues and acing the scientific world

How to change the focal length of a dissection microscope?

Some dissection microscopes have screw on the back of the pole, this allows you to move the head up or down which changes the focal length (watch the video).

The best storage method for your microscopes

The best way is to cover your microscopes and store them with the most compact (see photos).

Cover the microscopes when they are not in use.

Not recommended


The eyepiece grub screw goes missing?

The grub screw holds the eyepiece into the eyepiece tube, this stops the eyepiece from being removed. If the grub screw goes missing, we recommend you to use a black electrical tape around the edge.


Rolling stage

If there is not enough tension on the course focus, the stage will roll down and the subject will go out of focus. Hence, adding tension can be different from model to model (watch the video).


Microscope covers go missing?

We suggest that if the microscope covers go missing or have holes in them, freezer bags would be a temporarily simple and inexpensive replacement.