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Like microscopes and balances, pipettes take a lot of wear and tear because of being often exposed to corrosive and hazardous chemical residues. Taking pipettes for granted and not having regular maintenance and calibration will put the quality of research in jeopardy. 

We recommend you to have your pipettes serviced regularly (at least once a year) to ensure their precise and accurate measurement at all time. We service all brands of pipettes at the same rate! 

Warren Skinner

Service Manager

Service Loan Pipette Kit

Keep your research experiments going without interruption when you are getting your pipettes serviced and calibrated. All you need to do is to book the free loan pipette kit when you book your pipettes in for service. The loan pipette kit consists of 10 pipettes.

(A minimum quantity of 25 pipettes booked in for service is required to utilise the free loan pipette offer.

Institution will be required to pay for shipping of pipettes to and from our Melbourne office.)

Why should you choose EduSupplies?

When it comes to keeping your pipettes tip-top performance, EduSupplies can deliver the assurance you are looking for.

Online Instant Quote

After you submit the online quote, you will receive the quote instantly.

Fixed Rate

We service all brands and models at a fixed rate.

Fast Turnaround

We aim to completed the service within 48 hours from receipt of units (based on 20).

Contact Free Pickup & Return

Sending the pipettes to our service lab without having to come into close contact with others.

Free Pickup and Return

A pelican box will be sent to your lab for pipette pickup and will be returned once the service is complete at no cost.

Free Account on MOPS

No more paper records. MOPS will help you save the environment, keep track of your pipette service digitally and more.

Our General Service Process

Offsite Service – Australia-wide

(From $45 per pipette)

1. Get an Instant Quote

2. Accept the Quote

3. Fill out the contamination declaration form and send it back to us

4. Confirm if you would like to book free loan pipette kit

5. Receive the pelican box with the loan pipettes

6. Empty the provided pelican box and fill up with your pipettes

7. Advise us the time for collection

8. Your pipettes will be calibrated in EduSupplies lab & recorded on MOPS

9. Pipettes will be sent back to you once the service technician completes the job

10. Take out your serviced pipettes and fill up the pelican box with the loan pipettes

11. The pelican box (return shipping labels provided) will be shipped back to our service lab

Service Customisation

When you sign the 12 month service agreement with EduSupplies, you will get a FREE Pipette Service in the 12th month. The number of pipettes serviced each month will be divided equally by the total number of pipettes you have/ would like to get serviced for the year.

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