Microscope Servicing

Microscope Servicing

All microscopes require at least once every year or two years to maintain optimal performance and prolong their longevity. Having microscopes serviced on a regular basis not only helps users achieve manifest and high contrast microscopic images but also prevent costly repairs.

Microscopes that are left unchecked for too long might produce distorted, blurry and low quality images. Over time, the building up of dust particles and debris can start to obstruct the optics as well as cause haze or other optical aberrations on microscope lenses.

On top of that, the microscope components might become corrosive and have scratches. As a result, chemical & biological samples would not be analysed accurately and it would cost so much money to repair or replace the microscopes.

Microscopes that are used on a daily basis or used to view wet subjects will require in-house maintenance more frequently than those that may be used only a couple of times a term.

It can be quick and easy to clean and maintain a microscope that does not require a repair but it certainly isn’t the same if you have a problematic microscope or more than 10 microscopes. It can be time-consuming and get complicated. 

A comprehensive microscope service performed by service professionals will save you time, uncover hidden damage, and ensures your microscopes perform optimally. 

Bonus: Tips and training for basic microscope maintenance will be provided whilst we are servicing your microscopes on site.

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  • Lubricate
  • Adjust head bearing drags as required
  • Inspect power cable and plug for damage
  • Adjust stage stop
  • Test and adjust table drag as required
  • Clean chassis
  • Clean eyepiece
  • Test and lubricate collector Iris as required
  • Test operation of all functions
  • Clean objectives
  • Clean collector and adjust centering
  • Test image quality
  • Test light and intensity control
  • Inspect and clean head prisms and mirrors as required

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