Microscope Servicing

Microscope Servicing

All microscopes require regular maintenance to prolong their longevity. It could be easy and quick to clean & maintain a microscope that does not require a repair but it wouldn’t be the same if you have a problematic microscopes or >10 microscopes. It’s time-consuming and could get complicated. 

Microscopes that are used on a daily basis or used to view wet subjects will require in-house maintenance more frequently than those that may be used only a couple of times a term. A comprehensive microscope service performed by service professionals (at least once every 3 years) will save you time, uncover hidden damage, and ensures your microscopes perform optimally. 

Tips & training for basic microscope maintenance will be provided whilst we are servicing your microscopes on site.

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Our General Service Process

  • Lubricate
  • Adjust head bearing drags as required
  • Inspect power cable and plug for damage
  • Adjust stage stop
  • Test and adjust table drag as required
  • Clean Chassis
  • Clean Eyepiece
  • Test and lubricate collector iris as required
  • Test operation of all functions
  • Clean Objectives
  • Clear collector and adjust centering
  • Test image clarity
  • Test light and intensity control
  • Inspect and clean as required head prisms and mirrors

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