WiFi Microscope Camera 12.0 MP

$599.00 ex GST

  • stylish with further improved physical resolution.
  • affordable, providing higher-quality microscopic images
  • flexible, allowing users to use on different microscope brands and models.
  • compatible for both stereo and biological microscope as well as LED and halogen lamps

Resolution: 12.0 MP

Frame rate: 30fps

Interface: WIFI, USB 2.0

Operating System: Windows, iOS

C-mount to microscope (include powerful software with measurement and image management. The software can be downloaded to multiple devices.

Warranty: 12 months


Microscope is not included.

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Image SensorSONY IMX412 CMOS
Expose modeRolling shutter
Maximum Resolution4000×3000 (12,000,000 pixels)
Sensor size1/2.3_
Pixel Size1.55 um x 1.55 um
Spectral response380-650nm
Exposure capabilityReal-time auto and manual adjustment
Exposure time10us-333ms
White balanceReal-time auto and manual RB adjustment
Preview resolution4000×3000@30fps, 3840×2160@30fps
Power supplyDC 5V 3A
A/D conversion bit depth5G Wifi IEEE802.11ac
Software and AppWindows Software: KoPa Capture Pro, App for mobiles: KoPa WiFi Lab

KoPa Capture Pro-2023 V3.2

Software download: KoPa Capture Pro for Windows
Password: za12qw

Software download: KoPa Capture for Windows
Password: mlpo45


“Kopa WiFi lab” app available to download from Apple Store and Google Play

Password: za12qw

Additional information

Dimensions 17 × 8 × 29 cm