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The PROMON U750 or Monochrome Camera is an ideal streaming high speed camera for educational purposes and for true mobile applications.
It is a great tool for preparing students for University Technology, Physics, Engineering, and many other disciplines.? It also provides options for sport coaching and creative art projects.
The camera comes equipped with its powerful Imaging Studio V4 software for piloting the camera, recording, playback, and exporting sequences. The comprehensive software controls image acquisition, instant playback, post recoding analysis and file conversion.?
The high resolution sensor with 1.3 megapixel provides frame rates from 200 fps at full resolution up to 3225 fps by reducing the resolution. PROMON U750 can record up to 1700 fps which is 7 times faster than Iphone 12.?
Designed and manufactured in Switzerland
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Key features

Direct to PC

The camera connects directly to your PC via a single USB3 cable

2 in 1

High speed camera and streaming system

Long recording times

Recording times of minutes or even hours.

Ultra-small camera head

Ultra-small camera head fits into tightest spaces



  • Promon U750
  • C-mount Zoom Lens
  • Imaging Studio Software
  • Setup Manual


Everything in the essentials pack plus:

  • Light Kit
  • Tripod
  • Team-viewer training


Everything in the gold pack plus:

  • 2 x Promon U750 Cameras
  • 2 x C-mount Zoom Lens
  • HP Laptop

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 43 × 43 × 26 cm

Essentials, Gold, Diamond