Bug Blocks – Frog Development

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Learning about life cycles of living things is important part of Science Understanding of the Australian Curriculum.

It is prefect for Year 4 as it enables the students to observe the living things as they develop through their life cycles. The set describes the different stages of life cycles of the frog.

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Specimens consist of:

  • Stage 1: Eggs
  • Stage 2: Tadpole
  • Stage 3: Tadpole with hind legs
  • Stage 4: Tadpole with limbs
  • Stage 5: Tadpole with contraction tail
  • Stage 6: Froglet
  • Stage 7: Adult Frog

 It is stored in a foam display insert and includes teacher information card.

Display case:

250mm x 177mm x 40mm

Block Size of the specimens:

  • Eggs (32mm x58mm x17mm)
  • Tadpole (32mm x58mm x17mm)
  • Tadpole with hind legs (32mm x58mm x17mm)
  • Tadpole with limbs (32mm x58mm x17mm)
  • Tadpole with contraction tail (32mm x58mm x17mm)
  • Froglet (32mm x58mm x17mm)
  • Adult Frog (72mm x 72mm x 22mm)

High quality Acrylic

Real specimen of each of the life cycle stages