Product of the month – June 2023

Product of the month – June 2023

Optika B-292 Biological Microscope

We interviewed the Area Sales Manager from Optika, Lea Fumagalli and our Service Manager, Warren Skinner about our Product of the Month (June), the Biological Microscope – B-292.

Tell us about the features of the Optika biological microscope B-292?

Lea Fumagalli

It is a high quality microscope and made in Italy.

It has a large specimen view (20mm FN) in comparison with other microscopes’ eyepiece with only 18mm FN

It is equipped with X-LED Lighting which is highly efficient & has a low energy consumption (only 3.6W). Its lifetime is 65,000 hours = 22 years at 8 hours/ day usage

The Optika B-292 model comes equipped with N-PLAN objectives.

  • N-PLAN objectives for flat images, all come with anti-fungus treatment.
  • N-PLAN ensures field flatness up to 20mm and high contrast, crisp, and detailed images. The image on the right is the image taken using N-PLAN objective.
  • IOS Infinity-corrected optical system prevents image deterioration even if other optical components are added, such as polarizers, beam splitters and so on.
  • The same objective can be used with oil and water
  • Easy transportation thanks to the handle at the back.
  • Easily obtain a darkfield view for dry objectives by using the optional M-184 Darkfield condenser.

What’s your favourite feature of the Optika B-292?

Warren Skinner

It is a stable, easy to use microscope, attractive with a great price.

Lea Fumagalli

The optics are anti-fungus treated, preventing the formation of moulds on them.

Having the same objective for oil and water use is another remarkable feature that I would like to highlight.

Oil represents the best media for high numerical apertures but students and basic users will enjoy the clear and sharp images they can get using 100x objective with water, thanks to the extremely bright X-LED3 light source and the fully centerable Abbe condenser. Water is recommended especially for educational purposes.

How long is the warranty on an Optika Microscope?

Lea Fumagalli

The warranty period of Optika microscopes is impressive. All Optika microscopes have a 10 year warranty on mechanical parts, a 2 year warranty electrical and a lifetime warranty on the X-LED illumination.

What settings would the B-292 be used in?

Lea Fumagalli & Warren Skinner

Optika 292 – Everything from senior secondary, through tertiary into entry level research.

If you needed a microscope for junior high schools, what would you suggest?

Warren Skinner

An EDU405 would be my suggestion for anyone looking to purchase a monocular microscope and an Optika B-159 would be the best binocular choice.

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