Tips for Microscope Maintenance – Part 3

Tips for Microscope Maintenance – Part 3

1. You should always use both hands when holding the microscope or moving it from on place to another. One firmly grasping the arm of the microscope and the other beneath the base (It isn’t a great idea to carry the microscope with one hand or put it on the book and carry it around like the student in the image either)!

2. You need to clean the lab for the next class and you are running out of time. Oh no! You are tempted to put the microscopes away as quick as you can, however, you should never attempt to carry two microscopes at one time. Take your time to give the microscopes proper care.

3. You should NEVER touch the lenses. If the lenses are dirty, you can wipe them gently with lens cleaning tissues which can be easily purchased at Woolworths.

4. The objectives are fragile and must not be rammed into slides or cover slip. Students should be well-informed before using microscopes.

5. You should NEVER leave a slide on the microscope when it is not in use. Additionally, the glass slides can be cleaned with 70% ethanol and dried with a lint-free tissue or lens tissue.