Portable Gravity Fed Eye Wash Unit 55L

$525.00 ex GST

Provide a limited supply of water which can be used for washing of hands.
A great alternative to be used in places where plumbed water is not available
Can be wall mounted onto a portable table or similar
Activate by a pull-down tray and turn off by pushing the tray upwards back into its original position.
Equipped with a catchment tray with a drainage hose to catch the waste water
Suited to both indoor & outdoor applications.

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  • Water Capacity: 55L (of usable water storage)
  • Provide a low water flow rate for up to 15 mins
  • Recommended wash time is minimum of 20 seconds.
  • PRATT Safety Systems can provide you with strong and reliable equipment for any workplace requirements. You have a peace of mind knowing that you?re providing your employees with the best initial first aid treatment for chemical burns and injuries.
  • Come with 1 bottle of SE4764 Water Preservative
  • Type: Portable
  • Dimensions (mm): 530L x 495W x 600H
  • Material of Construction: Polyethylene
  • Australian Standard: AS4775 & ANSI Z358.1