The pen meter ST20C-B is a portable solution for conductivity and temperature measurement. It is durably constructed, simple, fast, straight forward, no-frills yet highly accurate operation time and time again. Measurement Range: 0 – 1999 μs/cm; 0.0 – 99.0°C Measurement Resolution: 1 μs/cm Calibration: 1 Point

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Application                    Conductivity, temperature measurement

Display                           LCD with secondary information line

Operation                      41.5V (4 AG13) batteries (included)

Communication           N/A

Construction                 ABS housing

Design Features           Easily replaceable electrodes, automatic shut off feature

Measurement Range               0 – 1999 μs/cm; 0.0 – 99.0°C

Measurement Resolution        1 μs/cm

Calibration                                 1 Point

Accuracy                                    ±0.1 pH

Temperature compensation    Automatic

Meter Type                                Conductivity

ATC                                             Yes

Temperature display                Yes

Automatic Shutdown               Yes, after 6 minutes non=use

Battery Life                                200 hours with disposable batteries

Dimensions (LxHxW)               38 mm x 185 mm x 45 mm

Calibration                                 NA

Protection rating                      IP67

Wrist Trap                                  Yes