Handheld Single Non Aerated Eye Wash

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When working with small doses of dangerous substances, a spill or splash could still cause a serious injury. The handheld eyewash provides you with swift and effect decontamination for your eyes and body.

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  • Non-aerated spray nozzle (SOFTSTREAM)
  • Chrome plated brass body.
  • Suitable for both wall and bench mounting.
  • Dimension: 15mm x 1500mm hose
  • Rec Min Connection: 15mm
  • Rec Min  Supply: 10 LPM
  • Eye Wash Flow Rate: 4 LPM
  • Minimum Pressure: 210 kPa
  • Material of Construction: Chromed brass & plastic
  • Australian Standard: AS4775 * 1

Pratt Safety Systems has maintained a reputation, for over 40 years, for providing a range of high quality Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations which comply to the Australian Standard AS 4775.

Handheld Single Non Aerated Eye Wash Data Sheet: