Maintenance, Organisation and Planning System

 Lab tech is a very meaningful and dedicated role which has a great impact on student engagement with science. Keeping the lab clean and tidy, assisting teachers and students, buying flowers, seafood and sheep’s kidney for dissection lessons, and other odd and exciting tasks could be performed by you in one day. Being on the go all day could possibly make you overwhelmed, tired and even stressed sometimes.

Therefore, we can’t stop thinking about how to help you work more efficiently in the lab so that you leave work with a happy face 🙂 We firmly believe that MOPS will be a big help to keep your lab equipment healthy and organised all the time.

"What really makes us different from other service providers is that we are driving efficiency - MOPS makes our service efficient!."
Rod Aggett
Managing Director

What benefits do you get from MOPS?

Go paperless

Go paperless!

Over the past few years, we have changed our thinking and our approach to implement eco-friendly services. We are striving for sustainable development and say NO to paper records.

Go paperless helps you save time, money, space, and our planet.


E-maintenance Log

Microscopes, balances, and pipettes serviced by EduSupplies will be digitally recorded on MOPS. This allows you to view a historical record of all the jobs. 

Additionally, you will be able to add your own fields to units for any additional data you would like to store so it is easy to keep track of your lab equipment’s performance.


Location Management

You can easily find the microscopes, balances, or other lab equipment you need for the upcoming lectures/ lessons by logging into MOPS. 

Do you see a microscope being left in the wrong place? Logging into MOPS and search for its ID to locate where it should be stored.


Service Budgeting

MOPS allows you to manage and create a budget for future jobs.


Due-for-servicing Reminder

You will be reminded via email or phone call when you lab equipment is due for service.

Make your job more efficient

It has never been easier to keep your microscopes healthy and keep your mind free