Maintenance, Organisation and Planning System

"What really makes us different from other service providers is that we are driving efficiency - MOPS makes our service efficient!."
Rod Aggett
Managing Director

what benefits do you get from mops?

Service Booking

You can easily book service by yourself on MOPS without directly contacting us.

Time Saving

You are too busy with multiple lab tasks. MOPS will help you save time dealing with microscope and balance issues.

Longer Working Life

Extend your microscopes' and balances' working life thanks to their updated performance record and scheduled services.

E-maintenance Log

All service history of your microscopes and balances will be digitally recorded on MOPS so that you will be able to keep track of your microscope fleet.

Service Reminder

You will be reminded of due-for-servicing microscopes and balances via emails or phone calls.

QR Code

Easily report faulty microscopes by scanning QR code provided to each microscope. Learn more

No Lock-in Contract

Free you mind with no-lock-in contract. We keep our customers with us by making them happy with our excellent services, not by contract!

Membership Rewards

Our MOPS makes your life more rewarding with membership rewards. Learn more

Make your job more efficient

It has never been easier to keep your microscopes healthy and keep your mind free