Microscope - Balance - Pipette Servicing Package

MBP Servicing Package

After using microscopes for a long time, they are likely to struggle to focus, produce unclear and low-contrast images, be missing parts, have stiff adjustments or other issues. The incredibly intricate microscopic organisms under the microscopes can only be clear if your microscopes are serviced at regular intervals.
Balance calibration is essential to achieve accurate weighing results. Chemical substances can only be measured precisely and accurately if lab balances are calibrated on a regular basis.
Like microscopes and balances, pipettes take a lot of wear and tear due to being often exposed to corrosive and hazardous chemicals. Taking pipettes for granted and not having regular maintenance and calibration will potentially put the quality of research in jeopardy.
It is recommended to have your pipettes serviced regularly (at least once a year) to ensure their optimal performance.

MBP Package

When you book a minimum quantity of 25 items including microscopes and/ or balances for service, you will get 50% OFF Pipette Servicing (max. 25 pipettes).

When you book 50 or more microscopes and/ or balances for service, you will get extra discounts. Please contact us to get a quote.