Redeem Voucher


It’s amazing to start a new term with extraordinary educational products and services from EduSupplies and you pay even less for them. 

No more fear of breaking your school budget!

Happy work!  Happy life!

“We wish we had eased your school budget headache.”

It was a privilege to speak in front of you at ConQUEST 2018. We understand that the school budget has always been your headache. The $50 gift voucher handed out to you is our gratitude for your participation in our workshop and your support to our business. I wish EduSupplies would always be your top-of-mind brand when you need new microscopes/ balances or microscope and balance servicing.

Thanks for being EduSupplies's "sunrise".

EDU305 & EDU405 are our own microscopes which have been developed based on feedback from our service technicians and senior lab technicians.


Keeping microscopes & balances in optimum condition and letting them inspire students to explore the scientific world.