Ohaus Shaker SHHD1619AL




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OHAUS Heavy Duty Shakers are designed to handle a wide range of applications no matter how difficult the task. Powerful, convenient shakers provide consistent orbital shaking action. Digital models offer accurate speed control for applications that demand repeatable results. Non-digital models are an economical alternative. Maximize throughput and efficiency in your laboratory – eight models with load capacities ranging from 16 to 68 kg.

Motion: Orbital, 19 mm

Capacity: 16 kg

Speed Range: 25 rpm – 500 rpm

Application: Cell Cultures, Solubility Studies, Extractions, Bacteria & Yeast Cultures and Suspensions, Staining/Destaining, Immunoassays, Protein Studies, Blotting Techniques

Display: Independent LED displays for speed/time allow the operator to view both settings simultaneously and control knobs with dial markings (analog models)

Operation: Detachable 3-wire cord and plug (included)

Communication: RS232 interface provides two-way communication for data logging and unit control (digital models)

Construction: Cold rolled steel (CRS)

Design Features:  Built-in tray (11 x 13 inch or 28 x 33 cm) with a non-slip rubber mat (included)

Motion                                      Orbital, 19 mm

Capacity                                   16 kg

Speed Range                           25 rpm – 500 rpm

Tray Size                                   27.9 cm x 33 cm

Control                                      Analog

Drive System                           Brushless DC Motor; Triple Eccentric

Calibration                               Speed Calibration

Communication                      RS232 (included)

Dimension (HxLxW)               14.9 cm x 41.3 cm x 35.5 cm

Net Weight                               21.8 kg

Orbit                                           19 mm

Power                                        230V, 2.5A, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption               75 W

Safety Certification                 CE; TUV

Speed Accuracy                       ±1 rpm, Above 100 rpm ±1% of set speed

Timer                                         1 minute – 120 minutes

Tray Construction                    Aluminum

Working Environment             0°C – 40°C, 80%RH, non-condensing


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