Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet 350L

Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet 350L


GST Included

Product Code: 5560AS

The cabinet is used to store flammable or combustible liquids as classified by the United Nations criteria and the ADG Code for Dangerous Goods.

These include flammable liquids such as Paints, Solvents, Petrol, Thinners, Kerosene, Turpentine, White Spirits, Alcohol and Ethanol.

Combustible liquids such as Diesel, Linseed Oil and Pin Oil can also be stored.


  • Capacity: 350L
  • Material of Construction: Double Steel Walls
  • Doors: 2
  • Shelves: 3
  • Extra Shelf: 5560-29
  • External (mm): 1825(h) x 1440(w) x 585(d)
  • Internal (mm): 1545(h) x 1350(w) x 495(d)
  • Australian Standard: AS1940
  • Continuous piano type door hinges providing long term durability.
  • New recessed handle with key lock. Eliminates accidental damage and clothing catching on handle.
  • Soft action self closing door, with sequential action for dual door cabinets, together with:
  • 3 point self latching door providing hands free operation.
  • Flammable Liquid diamond and other labels for correct identification.

Pratt Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets comply with the Australian Standard AS 1940 “The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids”.