Ohaus FC5306 Frontier Mini Centrifuge

Ohaus FC5306 Frontier Mini Centrifuge



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The Ohaus FC5306 Frontier Mini Centrifuge is ideal for simple and quick liquid separation. 

The Frontier FC5306 comes equipped with both 8 place 1.5/2 ml tube rotor as well as a 4 place PCR 8-strip tube rotor.
This mini centrifuge take the simple operation to the next level: 

 + simple & quick operation: place your sample in the centrifuge, close the lid, and it will begin to rotate without the press of a button

 + simple and quick rotor release: allow you to install and remove the rotors quickly without any tools.

+ exceptionally quiet operation: low voltage power input, quiet brushless motor, rubber base that absorbs the vibration. This helps minimise the unwanted noise in the lab

+ rotor imbalance sensor & 2 safety switches to stop the centrifuge operating immediately in the event of the lid opening or rotor imbalance.


Speed Range: 1 rpm – 6,000 rpm

Maximum Relative Centrifuge Force (x g): 2,000 g

Maximum Capacity (Rotor): 8 x 1.5/ 2 ml

Application: Centrifugation

Display: N/A

Operation: A/C Adapter (included)

Communication: N/A

Construction: Brushless quiet motor, auto shut off safety switches

Design Features:  One-touch operation

Speed Range                                               0 rpm – 6,000 rpm

Maximum RCF (x g)                                   2,000 g

Maximum Capacity (Rotor)                       8 x 1.5/2.0 ml

Program memories                                     0

Rotor in Package                                         Angle 8 x 1.5 ml / 2.0 ml;

                                                                       Angle rotor 4 x 8 place PCR Strips

Acceleration Gear                                       1

Deceleration Gear                                       2

Dimensions (HxLxW)                                 128 mm x 168 mm x 150 mm

Display                                                           No display

Lid lock                                                          Mechanical

Net Weight                                                    1.1 kg

Noise level                                                     ≤60±2 dB(A)

Power                                                              120 – 240 V                          

Power Consumption                                      N/A

Pre-cool Time                                                  N/A

Rotor Compatibility                                         Angle 8 x 1.5 ml / 2.0 ml;

                                                                           Angle rotor 4 x 8 place PCR Strips

Running Time                                                   Continuous

Safety Certification                                           CE; FCC; TUV

Working Environment                                       5°C – 40°C, 80%RH, non-condensing)

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