Centrifuge Rotor, Angle 12x15ml RB

Rotor, Angle 12x15ml RB



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The Frontier rotors are constructed of high quality and durable materials to withstand demanding centrifugation from autoclave sterilisation to sub-zero temperature. 

The sturdy rotors can be effortlessly installed and removed with a few quick and simple steps. The rotors are also easy to clean and operate.

Rotor Style: Angle

Aerosol tight: N/A

Maximum Capacity (Rotor): 12 x 15 ml

Compatible centrifuges: FC5706, FC5714, FC5718, FC5718R

Application: Centrifugation Accessory

Display: N/A

Operation: N/A

Construction: Aluminum or polypropylene material

Design Features:  Easy-installation

Rotor Style                                                              Angle (32°)       

Aerosol tight                                                          N/A

Maximum Capacity (Rotor)                                12 x 15 ml

Maximum RCF (xg)                                              4,427 g

Maximum Speed                                                  6,000 rpm

Tube diameter without adapter                         18 mm / 15 ml

Outer/Inner Radius                                               110 mm

Acceleration Time (sec)                                      33/95

Angle                                                                      (32°)

Deceleration Time (sec)                                      51/257

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