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put stem into PERSPECTIVE

Arludo educational games aim to amplify students' interest in STEM topics and enhance their scientific thinking in regardless of genders, ages, and socioeconomic levels.

Students are losing their interest in STEM and STEM Education in Australia is dragging behind.
Would you like to wait for the government to do something?
Would you be a HERO and start saving Australia's STEM future?
Michael kasumovic
Director of Arludo

fall in love with Arludo educational GAMEs' benefits


The games come with pre-made lesson plans with relevant question-banks to save hours of preparation time. They are matched to multiple Syllabus and Curriculum points.

Arludo visualises the data your students collected so you can spend more time discussing the results with your class.

As a result, your life will be much easier.

Games are made by scientists

It is not easy to create games or other digital activities by yourself due to your time constraints and the requirement for coding skills and/ or specific content knowledge.

Each game is made with a science consultant to make sure that the concepts are clear and correct.

A specific focus on working scientifically

The games are designed to provide students with the experience of what it is like to be a scientist, inspiring curiosity and driving further scientific enquiry through facilitating “aha” moments of discovery.

Your students simply download the free apps to their digital devices and intuitively begin collecting data either at home or in class. They learn by acting and thinking like scientists instead of just reading about science.

There is no need for expensive equipment or for your students to register.

help student understand the data

Your classes data are visualised in real-time, helping you discuss data with your student to improve their data literacy, meeting Syllabus and Curriculum standards.

arludo games = schools' ideas

Schools have input on how to improve the current games and to suggest new games.

keep students' personal information ANONYMOUS

Arludo does not collect any personal information of students as none of the games require students to log in. Therefore, there is no concern about student privacy.

How it works

a ROADMAp to the way of leading engaging science experiments

LET's revive stem education

It has never been easier to inspire students with fascinating educational games.

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