Ohaus CR5200 Compact Portable Balance

Ohaus CR5200 Compact Portable Balance

5,200g x 1g 


plus GST

CR5200 is a basic lightweight, ideal balance for secondary/ high school students.

It is easy to use with just 2 keypad buttons. This balance has a slim, stackable compact design, an enlarged weighing platform, and comes equipped with all the essential tools for basic weighing tasks.

Maximum capacity: 5,200 g

Readability: 1 g

Pan Size (LxW): 132 mm x 125 mm

Application                    Weighing

Display                           LCD

Operation                      3 AA batteries (included) or AC adapter (sold separately as accessory)

Construction                 ABS housing and pan, transportation lock, slip-resistant feet

Design Features           Stability indicator, mechanical and software overload/ underload protection, auto shut-off

 sold separately

Maximum capacity                5,200 g

Readability                              1 g

Stabilisation Time                 2 s

Net Weight                              0.4 kg

Pan Size (LxW)                       132 x 125 mm

Dimensions                             41mm x 205mm x 140mm

Battery Life                             300 hours with disposable batteries

Communication                     N/A

Display                                     LCD

In-use Cover                            No

Legal for Trade                       N/A

Pan Construction                   Plastic

Power                                      3 AA batteries (included); AC Adapter (Not included)

Tare Range                             To capacity by subtraction

Transportation Case             Available as an accessory

Units of Measurement          Gram; Pound; Ounce; Ounce Troy; Pennyweight

Working Environment           64°F – 77°F, 80%RH, non-condensing (18°C – 25°C, 80%RH)

Auxiliary Display Model        N/A

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