EduSupplies trade-in

Trade in and contribute to the society

The Indigenous was kept out of participating in scientific discoveries for a long time. Indeed, Indigenous knowledge systems are very crucial to the environmental sustainability and the mitigation of globalised industrialisation.

Even though Aboriginal Schools have been supported by the governments, they still have very limited access to laboratory equipment like microscopes. 

Trade in your current old microscopes to get new microscopes EDU405 and pay the difference of $299* EA only (RRP of $339 EA). No matter the brand or model, we can turn them into inspirational microscopes which are good for the development of Indigenous education.

Each trade in of yours contributes significantly to the engagement of Indigenous students in science. Your traded-in old microscopes will be donated to Australian Aboriginal Schools to help Indigenous students dig deeper into science, broaden their scientific knowledge and contribute to their communities.

How does it work?

Step 1

Confirm your participation in the trade-in campaign and the number of old microscopes you wish to trade in


Step 2

Bring your old microscopes to our display at LABCON2018

Step 3

Pay the difference of $299* EA and collect new microscopes EDU405


Step 4

Your old microscopes will be revived

Step 5

You revived microscopes will be sent to Aboriginal Schools


1. * excluding GST

2. Your old microscopes need to be in working condition and can be from different brands.

3. Each old eligible microscope can be traded in for a new microscope EDU405 with a promotional price: $299*

4. The number of microscope traded in for each school is no more than 10.

5. If you trade in from 5 to 10 new microscopes EDU405, you will get 10% OFF next microscope servicing for these new microscopes EDU405 within 3 years. 

6. You are still eligible to collect membership reward points for the traded-in microscopes EDU405.