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We service all microscope brands & models.

Note: You will not be charged for the microscope we can’t get it in working order.

NO travel fee when you book in 15+ microscopes for service.

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Types of microscopes we service:

Research, Student, & Stereo Microscopes

Note: You will not be charged for the microscope we can’t get it in working order.

1300 661 607



Adjust head bearing drags as required

Inspect power cable and plug for damage

Adjust table stop

Test and adjust table drag as required

Clean chassis

Clean eyepiece

Test and lubricate collector Iris as required

Test operation of all functions

Clean objectives

Clear collector and adjust centering

Test image clarity

Inspect and clean as required head prisms and mirrors

Test light and intensity control

All microscopes require regular maintenance to prolong their working life. Simple maintenance which is mostly concerned with regular cleaning of the optics can easily be performed in-house.

The frequency of the in-house maintenance depends upon the usage of the microscopes. Microscopes that are used on a daily basis or used to view wet subjects will require in-house maintenance more frequently than those that may be used only a couple of times per term.

Generally speaking, performing in-house maintenance once per term should be sufficient to keep your microscopes in good condition. We can teach you how to perform a basic microscope maintenance as well as tips for microscope maintenance which will extend the life of you microscopes.

EduSupplies recommends that microscopes require a full service, which should be performed by our service professionals, at least once every 3 years.

More importantly, we provide you a FREE account on our Maintenance, Organisation, and Planning System (MOPS) when you book service with us. Learn more about MOPS

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